A visit to Marseille at the TOP with Omar’s advice

Omar is a receptionist at the Hôtel BelleVue sur le Vieux Port de Marseille. He knows this city like his pocket since he was born there. So, isn’t he the ideal tourism advisor for those who want to discover it?… And you also have to know that he wouldn’t leave her for anyone else!

A communicative enthusiasm!

Omar talks to you about the calanques of Marseille or even Notre Dame de la Garde and we immediately know why we chose to visit his city! It must be said that the young receptionist is imbued with the sun of Provence and the Mediterranean spray.

But most importantly, Omar knows the corners of the city that are not in the guides… He will even be able to encourage you to attend an OM match at the mythical Stade Vélodrome… if you feel like it!

 A gift for the profession

Omar speaks with verve about the institution he has chosen to start his professional life and is delighted to be part of a team in which he is so well integrated. We are not mistaken: this young person loves contact and especially with customers!

So, it is no surprise to learn that after a BAC economic and social he continues studies in BTS tourism. Like many people who are passionate about their profession, Omar quickly switched to work-study.