Les Concerts de Jazz

La Caravelle is a must see for the Jazz scene in Marseille, and you can enjoy it for free !

For the new comers or the regulars, there is a high requirement when it comes to music. And that’s it !

Here are a few bands to give you an idea :

  • Nafas, a world Jazz Fusion trio with Ahmad Compaore, Fred Pichot and Sylvain Terminiello.
  • Alert0jazz, a violonist, a solo guitar, a pompist guitar and a doublebass for a Jazz sound based on improvisation.
  • Diva Roza, a very creative band that associates Jazz, World and traditional singing from the Balkans.

We also have Pop music from artist Travis Burki, the Marseille musician is always searching for new sounds. He is the writer of the La Caravelle song.