Marseille all salis out! Summer Regattas 2021

“Les Voiles du Vieux Port” is a gathering for sailboat owners and regattas, but also for all lovers of beautiful ships… and there are many of them!
The rumor is that 2021 -from June 18 to 20- will be an excellent vintage as impatience is at its peak after a year at the bottom of the wave…

Participant or spectator?

For the most part, «Les Voiles du Vieux Port» is a magnificent spectacle out of time. For a few days, about forty boats will be moored in Marseille, shining in the copper and varnished wood sun.

Their owners will be happy to talk with the onlookers and tell the story of their exceptional boat.

Regattas of prestige

These magnificent sailboats will sail for a 15th edition organized by the Société Nautique de Marseille. The races take place in the southern harbour – a foretaste of the 2024 Olympics – and run along the Calanques.

The beauty of the natural sites attracts many sailors who can participate, depending on the weather, in several races a day… and be awarded the Prize on Sunday 20 June at 6 pm.

The Phocaean city

Need I remind you that the maritime heritage of Marseille dates back to antiquity…? Turned towards the sea, Fort Saint Jean, like other buildings crossing the epochs, rose in successive strata.

This fort was wanted by Louis XIV, but the imposing Tower Carrée was there for more than 100 years to guard the entrance of the Port, itself occupied since the 6th BC.

Inscriptions et renseignements pratiques


Séjourner sur le Vieux Port de Marseille à proximité immédiate des sites d’intérêt :


Hôtel Belle-Vue , 34 quai du Port