The hotel BelleVue and its gourmet

This Christmas 2021, the hotel BelleVue sur le Vieux Port de Marseille has chosen, for its residents, a gourmet gift. It is a nice bag of candied oranges full of sun concocted by the Chef of the restaurant La Caravelle!

It’s a tradition at the Hotel BelleVue

The Christmas gift is a tradition in the BelleVue and to keep it a surprise it changes from year to year. In 2021 it is greedy and the bag of oranges seems to be unanimous!

It is true that these golden sticks coated with crystalline sugar recall the sweets of our childhood… And then, from North to South, and even more in Provence, the Christmas table is adorned with the colours of candied fruits.

A real know-how

The real know-how starts with the choice of the product, so the small oranges must be from the South and not treated. Moreover, the proportion of sugar owes nothing to chance, but above all patience is required because the cooking is long and the drying also. ET hop! voilaun joli sachet d’orangettes confites gorgé de soleil concoctées par le Chef Ogil du restaurant La Caravelle!

Of course, as so many preparations this one also has its history that goes back to the Egyptians since they kept their fruits in honey.