Les musées de Marseille

 Have fun at the Museum !

Indoor or outdoor : cultivate your thirst of knowledge with the Marseille museums !

The master museum in Marseille : The Mucem

The Museum of Eurpean and Mediterranean Civilazations is a cultural city. There is no need to dress a portrait of all the exhibitions. They are all amazing. The idea is to live the Mucem experience. Walk along the quay on the Vieux-port and through the footbridge over the sea, it will lead you to multiple gardens with long chairs inviting you to enjoy the view.

The Borely Museum at the heart of a green paradise.

Ideal for a morning jog, head to the Parc Borely, the green lungs of Marseille. Your dearest doesn’t want to come along ? Two things will decide her/him : the botanical gardens of the Parc Borely and the Japanese pavillion. Also the Musee Borely of decorative arts, earthenware and fashion. Over 2500 pieces of rare crafts, ceramics, glass and rare exotic objects, fashion collections from the 18th Century to our days.

The Palais Longchamps : A luxurious Water tower !

It’s been created in 1819 to salute the arrival of the Durance waters to Marseille. Its rich ornements welcome fertility and abundance. Since then, the Palais Longchamps is the most famous place in Marseille for relaxing. You will find the Musee des Beaux Arts and the Mucem.

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