Out of allergies and the covid virus!

Who can the most, can the least, it is well known! This adage is verified in various public places, including the Hôtel BelleVue sur le Vieux Port de Marseille. Ozone air purifiers ruthlessly attack viruses such as Covid but also mites, which are often the cause of allergies.


Ozone disinfection is recent

Ozone is a powerful 100% ecological disinfectant! That’s why we use it in our hotel. Used for 20 years in hospitals… and just under 2 years elsewhere. It must be said that it eliminates any living microorganism without any chemical; at the end of a purification sequence it remains in the air only… oxygen, so out of allergies and the covid virus!


Notre ami l’Ozone sait également désintégrer les particules de pollution courante dans les villes. De plus en plus d’hôtels comme l’Hotel BelleVue, s’équipent, en font une utilisation systématique et on peut prendre le pari que c’est définitivement entré dans les mœurs !

For the story: Marseille 1st city of France

…to have used Ozone 20 years ago for water treatment, and to be ranked 1st for drinking water quality according to WHO standards. Yet this widespread use then in the Anglo-Saxon countries, was not yet in continental Europe.

Therefore, we find this small molecule that is ozone in the food industry, since it does not change taste or appearance, or for the disinfection of cold rooms.