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 1st Hotel to obtain an Ecology Label “Green Key” in Marseille!

Our Belle-Vue hotel is committed to a concrete ecological approach and sustainable development. We are reducing our impact on nature. We preserve natural resources. We limit pollution.

As travelers prefer to stay in an eco-friendly hotel according to Tripadvisor, we are pleased to have achieved Green Leaders Bronze certification and to be included in Tripadvisor’s EcoLeaders list.

We are very proud to be a GREEN hotel and to provide you with this advantage and we have the details of our approach available to you in our documentation as well as at reception. The display available in your room will help you understand some of the practices. Not presenting any constraint for you, they only serve the respect of our environment. More than a fad, ecology is a necessary change in terms of the protection of natural resources, but also in terms of savings. We were inspired by the guidelines of La Clé Verte, an ecological label already obtained by many hotel and restaurant establishments in France and Europe.


we save energy and water,
100% replacement of hotel lighting
we reduce our waste production,
we improve the local environment.
Organic and local products offered for breakfast
we have banned individually wrapped products
we sort the waste
we use certified ecological cleaning and toiletry products. This approach concerns all those involved in the life of the establishment: management, staff, suppliers and customers. Everyone at their own level can thus contribute to improving the environment.
The use of environmentally friendly products such as our cleaning products, packaged in large recyclable containers, our liquid soap, an excellent replacement for individually wrapped soaps. The use and dosage of these products is also important; staff are trained for this.
During your stay at the hotel, you will find several indications and tips for implementing ecological actions, such as:

Laundry management; we will change sheets and towels on request. 1 unwashed towel saves 6 liters of water. Our sheets are entrusted to a company that cares about its impact on the environment, guaranteeing the use of adequate programs, and ecological washing products.
Water savings; notify us of any leaks detected in your room, we will intervene as soon as possible. Do not leave the faucets open when brushing your teeth.
Energy savings ; switching off of devices in the event of absence – air conditioning, lights, television using the switch. Close windows.
Garbage sorting ; with the means that we put at your disposal – sorting bin on the 2nd floor, battery box, collection at reception. We take care of the recovery of your waste.
The partnership with eco-responsible subcontracting companies such as our laundry – already engaged in this direction – which uses responsible products, more suitable, with better rendering so as not to rewash the same laundry several times (reduction to less than 5 % of the lifting rate – The independent profession is around 8%) which generates water and energy savings. The washing programs are appropriate depending on the laundry (for example savings of around 60% water and 70% energy compared to a household wash) Waste (cans – pallets) is systematically taken back by our suppliers. Used linen is recycled into a tea towel. In order to reduce the carbon footprint, we group the orders together to make a single delivery. The laundry delivered is just circled which reduces the impact on the waste.



A calorie exchanger is planned (during the year) in order to reintroduce lukewarm water into the washing tanks, the heating demand will be less.
A 10 kg machine (in order to treat small volumes with less effect for the environment)
Renewable energy contracts
Agreements with more and more of our suppliers and subcontractors
Alternative solutions to chemical cleaning when possible
Annual energy audit to monitor the results of our efforts.
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Our efforts are constant, and we hope that you will enjoy this approach of the hotel, and your stay in Marseille.

Any comments aimed at improving ourselves are welcome. Come and talk to us at the hotel reception or use the satisfaction questionnaires available in your room.